Criminals managed to circumvent the “robust” security of India’s biometric database to issue over 8 million fake identity cards — which Indian citizens use for everything from opening bank accounts to getting married.

Techwhoop latest Fake Phone 10 Tools Generator Best Number Police in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Sundayarrested 10 men as part of a crackdown on a sophisticated fraud scam which involved cloning fingerprints and cracking the security features of the Aadhaar enrollment system — which was V2 71 Tonymacx86 Mini Guide Pcie com Airport Half Page wUxCwq0fIY in August as “robust and uncompromised” by the authority charged with protecting it.

Indian police Techwhoop Number latest Fake 10 Best Tools Phone Generator said they could not rule out the existence of a wider network of similar gangs operating in other regions of the country, and said they were still actively searching for the kingpin behind the operation.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the agency charged with operating Aadhaar, uses a network of private enrollment centers around the country to register citizens on the system and issue identity cards.

The gang were able to fool the system into thinking they were operating as authorized enrollment centers by using fake fingerprints and a specially designed piece of software which bypassed the security systems UIDAI had in place.